Killer Queen is the world’s only 10-player strategy arcade game. It’s easy to learn--each player has only one button and one joystick -- but the game is infinitely replayable. Here’s how to play.


Compete with friends, family, strangers, and fellow Killer Queen fans. Play with them, play against them, cheer them on (or not). Make new team mates, new partners, or new rivals. Participate in local events, league nights, or even in the Annual National BumbleBash tournament. Or just play for fun and have a good time while you're at it.


With over 40 locations across the country and growing, you will be able to find challengers and friends alike across the country. Find a cabinet near you. Can't find one? Tweet @KillerQueenGame to your favorite arcade/bar, bowling alley, or brewery about getting one! Many locations host weekly league nights and seasonal tournaments, culminating in our world championship, BumbleBash.